New Projects in the Accounting Area


Dear QRCA Community,


We would like to publicize two projects that bring essential reflections on the accounting area. First, the book “Breaking Barriers: (against) reports during the pandemic – Letters for future generations” [in English Breaking Boundaries: (Counter) accounts during a pandemic – Letters for future generations]. Second, the movement “Opening Accounting: A Manifesto.”

The book “Breaking Barriers” was conceived by academics in accounting from three continents and offered a permanent record of the individual and collective experiences of the first months of the COVID-19 pandemic. This multi-lingual book provides a close look into social isolation (or quarantine) and its repercussions through various multimedia and artistic presentations. It offers a unique opportunity to look back into this past (still recent for us) and see how accounting was performed during this period of exception.


The collection consists of 63 contributions by 84 authors and authors, ranging from academics and academics in accounting and social sciences to business professionals, spread across 17 countries around the globe. Not limited to written records, submissions came in articles, essays, visual arts, multimedia presentations, and prose in English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese.


The book is available for free in digital format. “Breaking Barriers” is published under the Creative Commons license through Scholarship@Western.


The collection is available for free through the link:


The “Opening Accounting” project advocates for a more diverse accounting beyond the narrow focus on capital markets. Its academic professionals adopt a more progressive mentality. The manifesto was published in the journal Accounting Forum. The authors developed a video highlighting some points of the manifesto.

To access the written piece, go to:

To access the video, go to:

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