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Dear QRCA Community,

We would like to announce some Call for Papers opportunities.

  • “Accounting Education in Latin America: broadening perspectives and contributions on teaching, learning, and research” in the journal “Accounting Education”;
  • “Debating Black Slavery in Management and Organization Studies from Decolonial and Afrodiasporic Perspectives” in the journal “Cadernos EBAPE”;
  • “Exhausted Women in Contemporaneity” by Revista de Administração Contemporânea (RAC), Brazil.


The coordination of CfP “Accounting Education in Latin America” is the responsibility of the team of professors from Brazilian and Colombian universities: Silvia Pereira de Castro Casa Nova (USP), Fernanda Filgueiras Sauerbronn (UFRJ), Mary Vera-Colina (Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Colombia), Adriana Maria Procópio de Araujo (USP) and Ruth Alejandra Patiño Jacinto, Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Colombia. In addition, the call has the support of universities from other Latin American countries in its body of reviewers.

Its main objective is “to reflect on the different aspects of Latin American accounting education and research in accounting education. The papers may be related to the nature of the accounting profession in the region, the growth of undergraduate and graduate programs, accounting students, professional development programs, or the effects of implementing global standards and internationalization processes on educational backgrounds (accounting, management accounting, auditing, codes of ethics, and international accounting education standards). Alternatively, it is interested in particular challenges in accounting education and research in Latin America. For example,  historical, socioeconomic, and cultural diversity or the high levels of inequality and political instability still significant across the continent”.


The call will receive papers until August 31, 2022.

For more information, access the full call:


The CfP “Debating Black Slavery in Management and Organization Studies from Decolonial and Aphrodiasporic Perspectives,” is coordinated by the team of professors: Cintia Cristina Silva de Araujo (FIPECAFI), Alexandre Faria (EBAPE/FGV), Jair N. Santos (UNIFACS and UNEB) and Nidhi Srinivas (The New School USA). It aims to attract papers related to “struggles against the radicalization of slave capitalism in the North and the South, promoting a transformative engagement of black slavery from decolonial and afrodiasporic perspectives […] recognizing the remnants of black slavery in management and organizations and recovering decolonial and afrodiasporic epistemes.”

The call will receive papers until February 28, 2022.

For more information, access the full call:


Finally, the so-called “Exhausted Women in Contemporaneity” is organized by professors Ludmila de Vasconcelos M. Guimarães (CEFET, MG), Deidi Maca (Universidad Santiago de Cali), Josiane Silva de Oliveira (UFG), Janaynna de Moura Ferraz (UFRN) ), Luiza Farnese Lana Sarayed-Din (UFRJ) and Andrea Poleto Oltramari (UFRGS). It aims to discuss exhaustion and “the fatigue of a historical and daily struggle for gender equality, for the end of harassment and femicide, for the imbalance in the division of domestic tasks, for public policies that support women remain in the labor market so that they feel welcomed and protected in situations of violence, by opportunities and equivalent values in the performance of work activities.”

The call welcomes submissions up to May 30, 2022.

For more information, access the full call:


Don’t miss out on these opportunities to critically discuss essential in Accounting and Management!

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