Introducing the QRCA



The QRCA network constitutes an “academic space” involving scholars in alternative, qualitative, interpretive and critical accounting research, who are interested in developing or sharing knowledge in/about/with Latin America.



The QRCA network is deeply motivated at establishing bridges with scholars from other disciplines and from other geographies, in order to share experiences, knowledge, and innovations regarding research – while remaining proud of its Latin American cultural, linguistic, and research traditions.



The QRCA network is committed to the ideal of plurality in knowledge development processes. The network sustains knowledge as a basis to reveal inequalities while fostering the development of reflexive citizens. Network members believe in the value of respectful and constructive debate in an ambiance grounded in collegiality, multiculturalism, and multilingualism. In the pursuit of constituting a space with these characteristics and guided by these values, the network intends to constitute itself as a forum marked by openness and integration, which nurtures a sense of belonging among academics of different generations.

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