QRCA Conference 2020 (online)

QRCA Conference 2020 (ONLINE)

2020 QRCA Conference: Consolidating and Extending QRCA in Latin America

One of the main objectives of the conference is to join efforts with local initiatives to promote and stimulate the production of Qualitative and Critical Accounting Research (QRCA), in the Portuguese and Spanish speaking countries of Latin America. Another ambition is to help establish significant bridges between the network of Latin American researchers committed to QRCA, and the QRCA network from the global North.

The QRCA conference does not intend to provide magical recipes on how to engage with research and publish it in a reputable journal. That being said, it is realistic for participants to expect a number of potential benefits, among them:

–   Raising participants’ awareness that they are not alone in doing qualitative research and that there is a growing community of QRCA researchers in Latin America. The conference may allow participants to extend their network of support.

–   Exposure to in-depth discussions surrounding evaluation criteria of interpretive and critical research.

–   Opportunities to present working papers in front of an audience made up of qualitative researchers, and to receive constructive feedback from this audience.

–  Involvement in discussions on challenges and opportunities in publishing QRCA papers in international journals that are receptive to this kind of research.

–  Involvement in discussions on how to make research in Latin American settings of interest to an international audience.


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