QRCA Panel 

“Accounting education during the pandemic: insights from an ongoing crisis for Latin America”


We are inviting you to participate in a panel session on “Accounting education during the pandemic: insights from an ongoing crisis for Latin America”. This will be a virtual webinar on


Date: September, 2nd (Thursday) 2021, from

Hour: 2pm to c. 4:40pm  (14:00-16:40) Brasilia time [18:00- 20-30 UK time].


This will be a follow-up webinar to the brilliant paper ‘Insights into accounting education in a COVID-19 world’ authored by Professor Greg Stoner, with Professor Alan Sangster and Professor Barbara Flood, which has been a phenomenal success, with almost 30 thousand downloads. It has been awarded The American Accounting Association (AAA) TLC Outstanding Accounting Education Research Award for 2021.


In this webinars the authors of the contributions relating to Argentina, Brasil, Colombia, Chile, and Mexico to this COVID-19 paper published  in Accounting Education* will be panelists, together with Professor Greg Stoner.


In face of the extension of this crisis, they will reflect on the following  questions: What are our experiences? What have we learned from?


We invite you to join us in this discussion, aimed to reflect on our experiences! The session will have an innovative format called Pecha-Kucha (, through which each panellist will share his/her insights. After that, we will proceed with a live reflection on the shared PK experience. This reflection will be followed by questions from the audience and answers from the panellists for about 1 hour. We will conclude the panel with a round of closing remarks of about 30 minutes. In other words, we anticipate the total duration of the event to be 2h40min.


This will be our last QRCA Webinar for 2021, once we are preparing for the QRCA Conference and Graduate Consortium, in november. Do not miss this opportunity to participate and share your experiences!


* Open access to the paper at:


Panellists (COUNTRY) :


Professor Greg Stoner (Accounting Education editor)


Professor Gabriela María Farías Martínez (Mexico)


Professor Natalia Cuadra Palma (Chile)

Professor Osvaldo Maldonado Segovia (Chile)


Professor Inés García Fronti (Argentina)

Professor Oscar Fernández (Argentina)


Professor Cláudio Wanderley (Brazil)

Professor Kate E. Horton (Brazil)


Professor Mary Anali Vera Colina (Colombia)

Professor Ruth Alejandra Patiño Jacinto (Columbia)


Registration at:

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